Alter Ego


This work turns inward. Initially these pieces appear to be a reflection of myself, but, ultimately, they take on a life of its own. I’m asking you to consider the idea of separate entities within the self; notice the adventures of the little manikin painted to look like me. I call her “Mini-me.” I have put her in many different environments connected with my life. Through photography, mixed media, two- and three-dimensional works and sculptural installations, I explore fear, forbidden sexuality, aging, release, transcendence and the burden of artistic expectations. My attempt was to do so in a refreshing and oftentimes humorous light.

Some might say that this work is narcissistic. But the universality of the ideas and emotions presented brings forward a new language that allows us all to consider and laugh at ourselves.

35" X 37" X 30" '
Polyeurethane/Calcium Cabonate

"Merging Ego"
Mixed Media Installation