The Undaunted Project

Mixed Media Installations and Documentary Film/ 2012-2013

The project UNDAUNTED revolves around the idea of the power of collective consciousness in society. It impacts us on a global level as well as a local level. Political, religious, national, or social structures family, and groups all dominate and direct our thinking, creating filters for how we as individuals experience our life around us and make certain judgements. This large scale project involves the creation of a large installation of many figurative structures that will be placed in many unque environments. The figures begin with Kindler photographing the project's supporters, her collectors and friends. All aspects of the development and installations will be documented in a film by Seattle filmmaker Ty Migota. Ultimately upon final creation, the installation will be placed on public exhibition with the inclusion of additional installations supporting the subject, as well as the presentation of the documentary.

All the work in this project is and will be informed by audience participation. Through the words and images of participants, Kindler is creating a collective consciousness with a focus on how we deal with the chaos of life. You can go to Judith Kindler Blog to get updates on our progress with the project which not only includes the art, but also a documentary film.


Undaunted Prototype, 2012, Mixed Media, 74.5" X 23" X 11"







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